A school for sustainable development

The building and the gardens will be equipped so that the children can see the real impact that their day to day activities have on the environment :
Solar panels, watering plants with collected rainwater, compost and vegetable garden.

  • ‘Eco-schools’

Running a whole school project, which aims to bring together all the environmentally friendly measures taken in our school, seems to make sense. La Découverte, Mies, therefore, will participate in the project ‘Eco-Schools’.

Eco-schools is an international scheme which is proposed to schools who wish to improve their teaching and learning practices in sustainable development and wish to commit to more environmentally-friendly processes.

Created in Denmark in 1994 by the foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), the eco-schools has been adopted in 58 countries around the world. On the global scale, some 48,000 schools are participating and 15,000 already have their ‘green flag’, the symbol of their commitment to the environment.

  • In class

In order to prioritise this kind of thinking, we encourage an environmental element in the class projects, including numerous class trips and school days spent in the forest.