Within our teaching and learning framework, we want to prioritise an active way of learning science and techology, to develop skills as much as knowledge, using a cross-curricular approach and the process of investigation.

The angle we propose is to use technology to enhance teaching and learning and to bring greater value to our teaching, while enabling children to be at ease in an environement of constantly evolving technology.

These tools are integral to our way of teaching and learning which prioritises investigation, experimentation, creation, innovation, exchange and cooperation.

The types of technologies may vary according to the projects that are proposed. It involves creative play, technical development in robotics (using lego mindstorm, Wedo), development of programming knowledge (scratch, sketch-up), using different presentation and research tools (tablets, interactive whiteboards, cameras, interactive projectors etc). We also integrally promote awareness of how to use technology safely and mindfully. Technology skills and knowledge are developed through procatical application, not as a goal in itself, but as another tool for achieving objectives.

With the youngest children, technology is aproached through discovery learning. They understand the concept of technology by exploring and discussing equipment that they use on a day to day basis, to make sense of its use in everyday life. For example, in exploring their village, they may discover red and green traffic lights, and wish to explore this by building a model village and creating a working traffic light model as part of the project.