Step I, 1P, 2P and 3P, three years during which Project Based Learning is implemented.

Class projects, the children and/or teachers choose a project which emerges from a point of interest during play or discussions. The different phases of the project are led by the teacher in whole groups in order that the children can become familiar with the project planning process.

Projected outcomes

  • To share their questions and interests through games and conversations
  • Show a clear understanding of the projected outcome of the project
  • To be capable of working in a group towards a common goal
  • To ask for help when necessary
  • To explain the steps of the learning process
  • To know how to use the available resources
  • Explain what is easy and difficult
  • To reach the end goal of a project with the help of the teachers
  • To be able to take constructive criticism, both positive and negative

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    Class days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
    Class hours: 8:30am to 3:30pm (welcome at 8:00am)


Percentage of teaching in French and English: 50% / 50%

Due to the immersion teaching approach, the children are exposed to different aspects of the English language: social, cultural, linguistic, academic etc. The main goal is to allow the pupils to develop their knowledge in both languages simultaneously, rather than having to translate. The result of this is that progress is not linear or systematic. Little by little, the children are capable of spending the day at school using their second language as a means of communication rather than a subject that they have been taught.

A typical day

  • Welcome to the children
  • Facilitation of a variety of workshops according to the projects including maths, sciences, reading, writing
  • Playtime and snack
  • A time of coming together and sharing children's literature
  • Lunch time
  • Afternoon's activities, such as music, movement, art, outings

Objectives from the Romand Program Study

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Extract from the PER (pdf)


Parent meeting/teacher/pupil in November and May

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End of Step I

Parent meeting at the end of the 3rd grade, followed by a written report


La Découverte will have a rich and varied library with books, appropriate for children of every age. It is full of children's picture books, non-fiction and young fiction and enables each child to broaden their horizons by borrowing one or two books each week.

Alongside the loaning of books, the school library runs activity workshops around books, particular authors or subjects that are chosen by the librarians and the class teachers and are held once a week.

Year on year, the school library will be enriching its collection of English books and adding to the number of workshop sessions that are offered to the children in English.