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Step I: 4-5-6 years old

Step II: 7-8-9 years old

Step III: 10-11 years old

Welcome to La Découverte!

To build on 25 years of experience in Primary teaching, La Découverte has the pleasure of announcing the opening of a new campus in Mies, in the canton of Vaud, for September, 2017.

This new establishment, which remains true to the values and philosophy of La Découverte, will, in time, welcome 8 classes of children aged between 4 and 12 years old and will remain a small school with a family feel.

Bilingualism will remain a fundamental part of the program, teaching through immersion, half the time in French and half in English.

The pedagogical methods, which are currently very successful, will see little change, as they aim to foster self-confidence, autonomy and the capacity to think for oneself.

These values, will be further reinforced through Project Based Learning, focussing the learning on concrete, real-life subject matter, initiated by the children’s own interests. The child will be encouraged to develop their talents and open themselves up to new horizons.

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