Social interaction and behaviour is as important in a child’s development as the evolution of their knowledge. At La Découverte, we put in place a structure, which ensures the positive growth and development of each child.

Rules for life

The rules are constructed so that the children are able to regulate their own possible misdemeanours. If we accept that the act of making mistakes is a part of forming a personality, it is important to remember that it can only be a constructive process if they are made within well-defined boundaries with clear limits.

Class Council Meetings

Held weekly, the class council meetings are a tool for managing group behaviour, for both children and adults. It is during these meetings that projects can be suggested to the class, responsibilities can be delegated or chosen, positive behaviour of an individual, or group, can be appreciated, and where we can express why we feel anger towards someone and why. It is imperative to learn to control one’s desire to act in the heat of the moment and this meeting is the forum where members of the group can express themselves on issues, which are important to them. The issue is written in the class council book and the person who signed the remark can talk about it, along with the other people concerned and anyone in the group who has an opinion or helpful advice.

School Council Meetings

At the whole school level, the meeting that functions on an equivalent level is the School Council Meeting. Two delegates from each class meet with a teacher who acts as President. The teachers also have a delegate. They discuss, on a monthly basis, issues concerning the whole school and its organisation, subject to certain points specified in the rules of the School Council.

Rules and guidelines (pdf)
From rules to disciplinary measures (pdf)