After-school club

Having subscribed, the children are welcomed at 3.30 pm with a snack. From 4pm they take part in after-school club activities or extra-curricular activities according to parental choice. The After-school club closes at 6pm.

Extracurricular activities (Extras)

We organise optional activities called ‘Extras’. They are planned for the year around a project and are delivered in a fun and exciting way. Extras take place everyday after school and on a Wednesday, providing that there are enough subscribers. On Wednesday, children from outside the school are welcome.

Art Academy :

Chant, rythme et Flûte à bec :

Chinois :

Cinema :

Cirque :

Découvertes musicales :

Echecs :

Extra Sport mercredi :

Radio dec :

Descriptions and Subscription 2020 -2021

Description Extras 2020-2021 by day (pdf)
Registration form 2020-2021(pdf)
3 years old (pdf)
1G 4 years (pdf)
2G 5 years (pdf)
3G 6 years (pdf)
4G 7 years (pdf)
5G 8 years (pdf)
6-7-8G 9-10-11 years old (pdf)

The forms should be sent by email

 until Friday 19th June 2020