La Découverte – How it all began

The school was founded in the early 90’s, out of the ideas formed by a group of parents who were focused on the quality of their child’s education. A group of educators, educationalists, psychologists and administrators came together to form the structure of the school. Over twenty-five years, the number of children in La Découverte private school has grown from 13 to 230 pupils, highlighting the growing demand for a different way of teaching.

Active pedagogy and bilingual teaching

Active pedagogy emphasises a way of being over a way of doing: it develops self-confidence, autonomy, imagination and the artistic sense of the pupils. A high quality educational environment is assured, encouraging children to work together respectfully.

A self-reflective process of learning allows the pupils to refine their analytical abilities; they participate in ‘class council’ meetings, philosophy discussions and ongoing formative assessment.

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Learning and development

Allowing the child to be active and to make discoveries in their learning facilitates achievement. The pupil has time to explore notions before consolidating their learning.

On the school timetable, the children are given time to share their knowledge, competencies, cultures and experiences. In our experience, these moments have proved highly valuable. They encourage the children to listen to one another, develop self-confidence and speak in front of others. These skills, which encircle academic competencies, facilitate the child’s ability to absorb new notions.