At La Découverte Mies, we offer…

    • Project based learning

Project based learning is an active way of teaching and learning which enables the development of knowledge and skills through the construction of a project and its final outcome.
Working on a project amalgamates areas of the curriculum, so that the knowledge and skills aquired make sense in a real context to the learner.

Project-based learning develops these competencies :

    • The ability to make choices and negotiate
    • To put into practice existing and transferable skills
    • To exert real control over your learning
    • To develop self-estime at the heart of a group, while learning skills of cooperation
    • To learn that, in the face of a challenge, difficulties can be overcome through the development of new knowledge and skills
    • To dive into new and diverse situations which broaden our horizons
    • The development of self-awareness, our strengths and weaknesses, in a context of self-evaluation
    • To recieve constructive criticism from others through a processs of collective evaluation
    • To become competent in the conception and construction of projects

To run projects collectively, then in groups and finally individually, enables true differentiation in a student’s learning journey.